Fiber Availability

We're fully invested in the communities we serve. Working closely with municipalities to identify goals and opportunities, we talk with residents to understand their needs, and develop fiber solutions that work.


Fulfilling a relationship that began with a collective effort spearheaded by Islesboro residents, GWI brought world-class, high-speed fiber to each of the island’s 600+ households and businesses. Funded by a $3.8 million bond, the town retained GWI for network design, connection architecture and necessary review and acceptance testing. The network was completed in 2018 and GWI now serves as the internet service provider (ISP) and network operator.

The City of Sanford’s 32-mile end-to-end fiber network connects community anchor institutions and municipal buildings with ultra high-speed fiber. Spurred by the city’s collective commitment to future-friendly infrastructure, the network is currently focused on business connectivity. GWI serves as the network operator and internet service provider, helping Sanford realize its vision for sustained growth.

Building Maine’s fiber future.

Revolutionary change starts small - and grows exponentially. Explore the communities currently served by GWI Fiber, and join us as we work collectively to bring Maine into the fiber future.

For the people of Maine, universal access to reliable, high-speed internet is vital. Working in partnership with municipalities, we’re helping to design and buildthe infrastructure necessaryfor businesses to thrive, and for individuals to work remotely, access information and engage with an ever-expanding universe of digital-enabled entertainment, healthcare, education and career opportunity.