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We’ve kept our plans and pricing straight forward to simplify your decision. We also don’t require you signup for any sort of contract or bundled plan. You can also feel good knowing you’re doing business with a Maine company. That means if you ever need to call our customer care team, you’ll have a real Mainer on the other end of the phone helping you.

Plans start as low as $29.95/mo with no contract (plus taxes and fees- offer for new customers in specific geographic area only).

GWI Plans
Plan Details Pricing
$29.95/mo. for 10+Mbps internet speeds. Fast enough to handle all your video chats and streaming content.
internet + phone
$54.90/mo. for 10+Mbps internet and land line phone service. Reliable internet performance with an unlimited calling plan.
Fiber Internet
Starting at 150Mbps. Click here to see if there’s fiber near you.
Click here for availability.

We’re standing by ready to help you pick your plan. Call us at 207.GWI.2000 or email us at

Ball of String


(Not to be confused with the hit N'SYNC album from 2000)

We're proud that all of our customers are with us because they want to be, not because they have to be.

No Contracts.
No Strings. Ever.