Fiber Internet

With unlimited bandwidth and speeds as much as 1,000 times as fast as standard cable internet, GWI Fiber Internet brings fiber to your home – to transform your online experience. Oh, and did we mention we offer world-class phone service and DSL internet packages (in many areas without fiber) also?

Our Speed Guarantee

With Fiber-Optic Internet from GWI, we guarantee your internet speeds will never fluctuate, regardless of how many people in the neighborhood are on-line at the same time.

Our 2 Year Price Lock

Get peace of mind knowing your monthly internet bill is locked-in for 2 years. No surprise charges or increases regardless of how much time your household spends on the internet. We’ll also give you a 2% credit back** on your bill each of those two years as a thank you for your loyalty.



(For Example: 123 Main St, South Portland, Maine, 04106)

Estimated total you'll pay per month:


Total does not include taxes. For a general estimate of what your taxes could be, take the total sum of your services and add an additional 7% for phone and internet. Don’t hold us to it, though! It is just an estimate. Your actual bill will be 100% accurate. That we promise.

*Our Speed Guarantee is only for GWI fiber customers who are using our Wireless Gateway Product. Also, you must be using a modern device capable of handling such speeds. Flip phones, bag phones, Win95, 56k modems or an Apple 1 won’t do the trick.

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