Fiber Internet

With unlimited bandwidth and speeds as much as 1,000 times as fast as standard cable internet, GWI Fiber Internet brings fiber to your home – to transform your online experience.

Our Speed Guarantee

At GWI, we believe in transparency and trust. We believe that if you pay for a product, you should ALWAYS get that level of service and support. That is why we are introducing our Speed Guarantee. We guarantee that the fiber tier that you pay for will be at or above the speed requested; if not, call us up and we will happily take care of you. The days of “up to” speeds are over. Join the movement.



Estimated total you'll pay per month:


Total does not include taxes. For a general estimate of what your taxes could be, take the total sum of your services and add an additional 7% for phone and internet. Don’t hold us to it, though! It is just an estimate. Your actual bill will be 100% accurate. That we promise.

*Our Speed Guarantee is only for GWI fiber customers who are using our Wireless Gateway Product. Also, you must be using a modern device capable of handling such speeds. Flip phones, bag phones, Win95, 56k modems or an Apple 1 won’t do the trick.

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