Stream Team
Concierge Service

If you’re tired of paying for cable, the GWI Stream Team has some great news: you can cut the cord and still get all the content you love.

stream-team-local channels and sports

Get local channels
and sports.

Can’t live without the NFL or the local news? With streaming services, you won’t miss a single play. The Stream Team is here to show you the way.


Customize your own
content experience.

GWI and have developed a powerful online tool that helps you to sort viewing options and build the perfect plan. Go beyond the cord.


Call the
Stream Team

With unmatched speed and bandwidth, GWI Fiber Internet gives you access to a whole new world of content. Call the Stream Team at 207.GWI.2153 for details.

Jessie’s Stream Team Story:

“I care about seeing my team in the playoffs and Game of Thrones—that’s it. The Stream Team pointed me to Sling TV so I never miss a game, and an HBO Now subscription for a fraction of the cost of cable.” —Jessie

Kevin’s Stream Team Story:

“I like a lot of the current network shows, but have no patience for the constant commercials. The Stream Team suggested subscriptions to Netflix to cover episodes of current shows, plus binge-worthy original series.” —Kevin


Sign up today

If you’re already a GWI customer, call now to take advantage of our Stream Team service. If you’re not, you can sign up today by calling 866.494.2020 .