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Introducing your GWI Stream Team.

There’s a dynamic world of original video content out there. Now that you’re a GWI fiber customer, our Stream Team is standing by to guide you through it all.

Did you know you can still watch the nightly news without having to pay the big cable companies every month? We know you may be a little overwhelmed with all the streaming options out there. That’s why we created the Stream Team. As a GWI customer, the team is standing by and ready to walk you through all your options at no cost to you. Let’s start the journey together.

Give the team a call today: 207.GWI.2153

*Available 9:00AM – 5:00PM, Monday – Friday

Real Stream Team Rescue Stories:

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Jessie’s Stream Team Story:

“I was so tired of paying almost $100 a month for a cable package that included dozens of channels I never watched! I just want to see my team in the playoffs, and obviously, the latest episodes of Game of Thrones. The Stream Team pointed me to Sling TV so I never miss a game, and an HBO Now subscription that I can access through my Roku Box so I’m never behind on GOT.”

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Kevin’s Stream Team Story:

“I am a total binger! Plus I am a sitcom junkie! I like a lot of the current network shows, but have no patience for the constant commercials. So, I needed a plan that gave me a ton of options. Stream Team suggested a subscription to Netflix and Hulu so I can stay up-to-date on all the latest episodes of current shows, and still get my binge on with new and original content. Thanks to Stream Team, I’m free!”

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You Can Watch Local Channels and Sports Online

Sure, you want to be able to watch Tom Brady win the Super Bowl again or your local weatherman get the forecast wrong without paying nutty cable bills… you can… with YouTube TV and we can show you how.

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Want to explore your options on your own?

We get it, you’re independent … And we’ve got you covered, too! We’ve partnered with Suppose.TV to bring you a powerful, online tool that allows you to sort through all your options and build the plan that works for you. Go beyond the cord »

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Not Quite Ready to Cut the Cord?

Hey, breaking up is hard to do! No judgement. And yep, we’ve still got your back. Our partners at S&C Satellite Entertainment offer premier satellite and digital solutions and support with a focus on personal, customer service right here in New England. Check them out today »