About GWI

Since 1994, we’ve been pushing the boundaries of high-speed internet access across the state of Maine with a little thing we like to call reliable internet service. More jobs. More creativity. More growth for Maine and Maine families.

In 2009, GWI successfully brought private business and public institutions together to fund the Three Ring Binder, an open-access fiber optic network that brings 21st century technology into the state of Maine. We’re still pretty proud of this accomplishment. And that was only the beginning.

Over the past 25 years we have learned a few things. First, if you have an issue, just try and restart it! 80% of the time it works all the time (we’re kidding). Second, that us Mainers are an eclectic group. We are hard-working, hard-nosed people who expect consistency and transparency. We do not appreciate tom-foolery. Third, that high-speed internet is a crucial component to people’s livelihood. Having access to reliable, high-speed internet is rapidly becoming a requirement for communities to retain and attract population, drive economic development, and spur innovation.

To boil it all down: we are here to support the citizens and communities in Maine and are committed to expanding future-proof fiber networks to every corner of the state.


In 1994 we made a commitment

To provide our customers with the fastest, most reliable internet services available and to protect open access, data privacy and net neutrality. With our new GWI Fiber Internet, these are initiatives we intend to keep.

We believe in


Open Access

When people talk about “open access,” they’re referring to the idea that government funding shouldn’t favor one competitor over another or bolster incumbent monopolies – and that businesses building data networks should make them available to competitors on fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory terms. Open access fosters digital equality and equity, leading to a vibrant, competitive marketplace for broadband that makes access and bandwidth universally available and affordable.

Open access is essential for increased bandwidth, competitive pricing and universal access.


Net Neutrality

We are firmly committed to the idea of Net Neutrality – where internet service providers (ISPs) allow equal access to content without playing favorites. It’s an idea not all ISPs support, because there’s profit potential in charging bandwidth premiums to content providers – giving bigger providers more clout than the little guys, while pushing higher costs on to consumers. Net neutrality also ensures that ISPs can’t block or limit access to the content you want.

A free and open internet encourages competition – and treats all content equally.


Data Privacy

At GWI, we will never sell our customers’ data. Under current regulations, other internet service providers have a lot of freedom to collect, sell and share information about your web browsing, search terms, app usage and personal movements. Contrary to those regulations, we promise to protect your privacy, honor your wishes, and NEVER sell your data.

Your data is yours – and we’ll keep it that way.