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Get Peace of Mind with Our Internet Speed Guarantee.

In 2018, the Town of Brunswick contracted GWI to build an ultra-high speed fiber optic network, connecting the Town’s municipal locations and creating a Wide Area Network (WAN) with superb reliability. The relationship enabled the Town of Brunswick to upgrade their services while saving money with the possibility of network growth in the future.

With Fiber-Optic Internet from GWI, we guarantee your internet speeds will never fluctuate, regardless of how many people in Brunswick are on-line at the same time. Whether streaming YouTube TV, video conferencing with your coworkers, or taking classes remotely, our fiber internet offers the reliability you need, now more than ever. Plans start at $55 for 125 mbs download and upload speeds.

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“Working with GWI on the Town of Brunswick’s wide area network has been a great experience. Town employees working from remote buildings are finally reporting excellent network response and fast server access. It was a great decision to move our networking to GWI.”

-Bryan D. Cobb
IT/CTV Manager
Town of Brunswick

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Fiber is a work-from-home, telecommute, start-a-business, take- online-classes, get-that-homework- done-before-dinner workhorse!

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Stream Machine

Stream what you want, when you want. Say goodbye to lag and loading times, even with multiple people on multiple devices at once.

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Tech Ready

4k TV? Got it. Smart home tech? No problem. Fortnite 24/7? Yep! Video conferencing? Ready to join.



Fiber’s not just faster, it’s more reliable, too. And did we mention it can actually increase your property value? True story.