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GWI specializes in the planning, design, financing, construction and operation of open-access municipal fiber networks. When taking on a new project, we thoughtfully consider how access, affordability, and inclusion come into play. We ensure outstanding value for your investment by focusing on quality and security when building our fiber networks.

Internet is now an essential utility, and investing in fiber can prepare your community for the future.

Initial Steps to Launch
a Municipal Network


Create a Broadband Committee

It's vital to build constituent support before undertaking a municipal network project - a public project requires support from both citizens and town officials. Need more support? Tech enthusiasts in your community can make great ambassadors for the project.


Identify Goals

It's important to identify your community goals early in the project. You'll want to consider both business and residential needs (if applicable). Goals from current customers include population retention, economic growth, attracting new businesses, etc.


Gather Data

Great data is necessary to build a great network. It's important to provide data to community developers, project planners, and network designers to ensure that the goals for the project will be met.


Partner Collaboration

When launching a municipal network, it can be tricky to navigate financing as well as digital inclusion and equity. It's important to find an ISP partner who has experience in financing networks and locating appropriate partners.

Municipal Network Profile: Islesboro

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The cost to build fiber can vary greatly depending on the type of network that is being built. The industry standard is $40,000 to $60,000 per mile of fiber built.

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