GWI Increases Speeds for Residential Fiber Customers

Biddeford Internet Corporation, d.b.a. GWI, proudly announces an internet speed increase for its Maine residential fiber broadband users. GWI, headquartered in Biddeford, is Maine’s premier internet service provider (ISP) and the first and only North American ISP to become a certified B Corporation. The speed increase will double internet speeds for GWI fiber customers. A new gigabit level speed tier, additionally, will be added. This speed increase will effectively provide its current customer base a dramatically richer internet experience. Users can perform multiple bandwidth-heavy tasks simultaneously with increased speeds, such as online gaming, video conferencing, high quality streaming, and much more. GWI will deliver this doubled speed at no additional cost to the customer. In addition to cost transparency for current customers, GWI does not partake in introductory pricing of any kind for its new users. The utility also provides a speed guarantee. Fiber speeds will perform at or above the speed requested to ensure the best customer experience.

The speed increase is spawned by GWI’s ongoing network development, rapid expansion into underserved communities, and the growing appetite for faster, more reliable broadband in northern New England. The company is experiencing unprecedented demand for fiber internet access, especially in the advent of the work-from-home era. 

President and COO of GWI, Kerem Durdag stated “I’m truly excited for this speed increase. I passionately believe access to a good internet connection in this day and age is a human right, not a privilege. Access to reliable, high-speed internet makes the world smaller and shrinks our carbon footprint.  We end up driving less the more we are connected online. The internet is no longer just a way to watch cat videos on YouTube at the end of the workday. Though, that’s fun too. Together we will lift underserved communities out of poverty and help grow local economies. The internet is the very backbone of modern civilization leading to a connected society. This isn’t just about increased speed. It’s about making the world a better place for everybody, regardless of race, creed, or socio-economic status.” 

In addition to dramatically improving service for its current customer base, GWI is eagerly working on  launching high-speed fiber internet into underserved areas of Maine and portions of Vermont in the near future. 

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