May Update from our President and COO

As we start seeing our family, friends, colleagues and neighbors in person it is good to acknowledge the strength that carried everyone through. GWI is actively trying to enable the onrush,  present and future with, its peers:

  • We have been working closely with the federal, state and local governments on optimal mechanisms to disburse the stimulus funds for broadband networks and empowering the municipalities to actively engage, organize and plan. Our commitment to finance, design, build and operate municipal networks remains at the forefront of our tactical and strategic efforts.
  • We have been organizing webinars ranging from the joys of being a B Corp certified organization, to how municipalities can fund and stand-up their networks in collaboration with companies like ourselves who believe in the intersection of public benefit and private expertise. 
  • Our commitment to inclusion is one of the anchors of our enterprise and we are coordinating now with the State of Maine on workforce development initiatives for the broadband sector in Maine. This will be another positive trajectory of economic development in the state of Maine.

Kerem Durdag

President and COO, GWI

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