Summer 2022 Update from our President and COO

Summer is finally here! It is my fervent hope that all of you and your families are getting to enjoy the glorious sunny days, plethora of ice-cream choices and also frankly, getting a chance to pick some fresh strawberries.

Here at GWI, we are intentionally moving the proverbial ball forward along several fronts:

  • Our commitments to the announced Belfast and Katahdin fiber projects continue strongly and we are actively engaged in a lot of design work that is fun and fulfilling.
  • Our joyful involvement in building the first phase of fiber network in Northport has been energizing, and having received funds (that we are also matching with ours) from ConnectME (an arm of the state of Maine that funds broadband projects to the unserved areas of the state) to complete the project to provide all of Northport with universal fiber service has us really excited (granted we did cartwheels to also celebrate)!
  • We continue to be massive champions of broadband utility districts and are collaborating closely with many rural Maine communities on sharing detailed information, empowering citizens with tools to make informed decisions, and utilizing capacity and expertise that the state of Maine has to offer.
  • Over the last many months our work on broadband as a civil rights issue has been captured in a report that will hopefully serve as a guidepost in the decision making process by the state of Maine as it looks at making plans on dispersing a very serious amount (and once in a generation defining event) of funds for broadband expansion.
  • We are busy working on our very large Vermont project and bringing fiber connectivity to close to 30,000 premises over the next several years. Currently we have been engaged in detailed design work that will translate to the start of construction activities at several time intervals.
  • I know you have plenty of stuff to read and listen to, but if you did want to get a sense for the stuff we believe in and what we do, and had some time, you can listen to me provide some sharing in this podcast or in this one (you have to scroll down a bit on the page).

I have three gifts to share with you. This sax battle on the NYC subway, which is possibly the most coolest impromptu sax battle ever. A motivational video to give your 110% in everything you do (and with great advice on how you can get there). And, last but not least, a look at the retro encabulator device that is almost too good to be true.

Be well, take good care and keep on being a light.

Kerem Durdag,

President and COO, GWI

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