The fastest Internet in Northport.

Get connected to reliable Fiber internet.

The fastest Internet in Northport for

$54.95 Per Month

Northport Coverage Map

Timetable for Phases

Phase 1: We began connecting customers in March, 2023. Installations will continue through the summer as network segments continue to come on line. If you have already ordered service we will be in touch to schedule your install.

Phase 2: Begin customer connections in the Spring of 2024.

Available Pricing & Speeds in Northport

Phone Plan


Per Month

250/250 MBPS


Per Month

500/500 MBPS


Per Month

1000/1000 MBPS*


Per Month

*Our Speed Guarantee is only for GWI per customers who are using our Wireless Gateway Product and does not include our gigabit tier. Also, you must be using a modern device capable of handling such speeds. Flip phones, bag phones, Win95, 56k modems or an Apple 1 won’t do the trick.