The fastest Internet in Northport.

Get connected to reliable Fiber internet.

The fastest Internet in Northport for

$54.95 Per Month

You'll also enjoy our GWI Speed Guarantee.

We guarantee that your fiber internet speed will always be at or above the speed you selected.*

Northport Coverage Map

Timetable for Phases

Phase 1: We estimate that we will be able to start connecting customers by the end of March, 2023.

Phase 2: Begin customer connections in December, 2023.

Available Pricing & Speeds in Northport

250/250 MBPS


Per Month

500/500 MBPS


Per Month

1000/1000 MBPS*


Per Month

*Our Speed Guarantee is only for GWI per customers who are using our Wireless Gateway Product. Also, you must be using a modern device capable of handling such speeds. Flip phones, bag phones, Win95, 56k modems or an Apple 1 won’t do the trick.