GWI Hires Christopher Caiazzo as Director of Customer Operations

Great Works Internet (GWI) is pleased to announce the hiring of Christopher Caiazzo as the company’s new Director of Customer Operations.  Christopher brings a wealth of experience to the position and will be heavily focused on leading the service delivery and support groups as well as being the principal customer advocate.  “For 25 years we have been in the forefront of providing broadband connectivity to Maine and as we work hard on bringing 21st century fiber infrastructure to all Mainers, we absolutely have to fulfill our obligations, the trust and the expectations our community of customers have placed on us. Chris will admirably continue and amplify the presence of the community and customer in our day-to-day decision making which energizes myself and our entire leadership team” said Fletcher Kittredge, Chief Executive Officer of GWI.”
Christopher’s background is extensive and includes experience in not only sales but also business development.  Christopher is also a member of the 129th Legislature, representing Scarborough.  As a state representative, Christopher’s familiarity and proficiency in representing his constituents will be of great benefit to GWI as the company’s focus continues to be on the customer and offering the best support and services possible. Kerem Durdag, GWI President and Chief Operating Officer notes, ”As we progress on our goals to bring gigabit fiber connectivity to all of Maine and upholding our principles of open access, net neutrality and data privacy, Chris’ leadership to drive our customer operations will be an important element of our growth path. I am very excited to have him join the GWI family.”

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