Great Works Internet Receives Investment from Mac Mountain to Expand Fiber-Optic Networks in New England

Biddeford, Maine- 10/18/2023.

Biddeford Internet Corporation d.b.a GWI, a Maine Benefit Corporation, a premier provider in fiber-optic internet service, and the state’s first B Corporation certified Internet Service Provider (ISP), is pleased to announce an investment from Mac Mountain, a privately held Vermont company focused on rural broadband infrastructure, to grow its business: designing, building and operating high-speed, sustainable, fiber-optic networks throughout New England. The investment will give GWI expanded access to resources which will allow for greater systems efficiencies, enhanced customer experience, additional products and ability to leverage marketplace opportunities. This investment gives GWI the financial backing to expand its fiber-optic network footprint to regions where access to reliable broadband is desperately needed.

GWI has been an industry leader in the deployment of broadband networks throughout the State of Maine for nearly 30 years and most recently has assisted multiple Communications Union Districts (CUDs) in Vermont in the development, implementation, and management of their broadband networks. The investment from Mac Mountain unlocks resources to be able to maintain GWI’s current networks and deploy new infrastructure in unserved and underserved areas throughout New England.

“The Mac Mountain investment will be a game-changer in advancing GWI’s mission to provide our customers with the fastest, most reliable internet services available and to protect open access, data privacy and net neutrality,” said Rick Bennett, long-time GWI Director. “This partnership will mean better, more reliable fiber networks in rural Maine that will lead to stronger communities and more jobs.”

“For years, my family has enjoyed all the wonderful benefits of having fiber to the home internet service. Over those years, we also had a front row seat watching GWI perform their work making fiber connections to rural communities. There is no team more dedicated, passionate and capable than GWI, and we are excited to be their partners as they continue to play a key role in one of our country’s most important infrastructure builds, fiber internet in rural America.” said Alex Rozek, Founder of Mac Mountain.

“The agreement with Mac Mountain represents an evolution in the history of GWI and has been several years in the making, allowing GWI to further lean-in to Maine, Vermont and regional opportunities,” stated Kerem Durdag, GWI’s CEO. “My sincerest and deep thanks to the Mac Mountain team for their enormous hard work to date and for joining the entire GWI organization on an exciting journey that will continue to be impactful and make us all proud.”

Mac Mountain would like to thank the team at Broadband Success Partners for their assistance with technical due diligence and network evaluation for this project. Bank Street served as exclusive financial advisor to GWI in connection with this transaction.

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