Data Privacy

It is only over our dead bodies that we would ever collect and sell your personal data.


Data PrivacyGWI believes that it is up to you—the consumer—to determine if and when your personal data is shared or sold by your internet service provider. We continue to demonstrate this belief through our actions and principles and will always stand up for your privacy and your right to transparency and choice.

Under current regulations, it is easier for internet service providers to collect, sell and share information about your web browsing, search terms, app usage and personal movements. Without your express consent.

As a GWI customer, your right to privacy remains just that: private. Not a GWI customer? We encourage you to call your current internet service provider and ask them, “What personal data do you collect from your customers and who do you share it with/sell it to?

If they respond with anything other than, “We don’t collect, share or sell your data,” or give you an answer you do not trust to be 100% true, it’s time to consider switching.