Net Neutrality

At GWI We believe in a free and open internet where competition is encouraged and all content is delivered equally.


What happens if we lose Net Neutrality? (Explained with pizza*)

Imagine the only bridge in town was owned by one pizza shop.

Net Neutrality Infographic Pizza Metaphor

Net neutrality in a nutshell:

What is net neutrality?

Net neutrality is the idea that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) should allow equal access to content, without favoritism. So, for example, those shows you stream on Netflix can’t be slowed down by your ISP simply because they require high-bandwidth. Likewise, with net neutrality your ISP can’t block content from you based on competition or other factors.

Who supports net neutrality?
Millions and millions of Americans as well as the tech giants that have become household names: Google, Amazon, Netflix and Microsoft (to name a few). A Supreme Court decision in December 2017 rolled back the rules, even after the FCC received a record number of public comments in support of keeping net neutrality rules in place.

Who is against net neutrality?

Generally speaking, some of the big Internet Service Providers across the country. Why? Because, among many other reasons, they’ll make more money by charging high-bandwidth platforms like Netflix and Amazon Video for their share which could ultimately impact how much you pay for subscription video services.

GWI has always and will always put you, our customer, first. We believe in net neutrality because we believe in a free and open internet where competition and innovation is encouraged. We also believe you should be able to get pizza from anywhere you want.

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