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Get the most out of your fast fiber connection.

Why connect your home to fiber internet if your Wi-Fi experience is going to be sub-par? Introducing the Wireless Gateway – the most reliable, secure wireless router available only through GWI.

What you get:

  • Simultaneous HD video streaming to multiple devices
  • Lightning fast speeds that can support extreme online gaming
  • Strong signal and performance in every room of your house
  • Easy and fast data sharing capabilities through Ethernet and USB ports that allow you to connect a variety of devices

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In addition to the exceptional product benefits, all GWI customers benefit from 24/7 connection monitoring and technical support. Should you encounter any unforeseen product glitches, we’ll take charge in finding you a fast, permanent solution so everyone in your home can get back to enjoying their fast fiber Wi-Fi experience.

Includes 24/7 monitoring and technical support. All for a nominal monthly fee when you sign up for GWI’s Fast Fiber Internet. Please call 207.GWI.2000  for details.