Do I receive a GWI router as part of my Internet plan?

Unfortunately, not at this time. However, as big fans of innovation, we’re currently testing a GWI wifi router for market. Until we reach perfection with our prototype, you can purchase a router at most any electronics store (including big names like Amazon, Walmart and Best Buy).

Is your modem wifi compatible?

While our DSL modems are not, a selection of our fiber ones do offer wifi capability. Call us to find out which works with your plan at 207.GWI.2000.

How long does it take for Internet to be set up at my house?

Outside of fiber services, we partner with your local phone company, who first needs to deliver the copper line to your residence. Once that is installed, we’ll quickly complete the setup process to activate your internet.

Do you offer cable TV?

Stay tuned! Internet is our core business, but we’re always exploring options for expanding our offerings.

Are your plans and packages available in my area?

Let’s find out! We offer service throughout the state and can help you determine which of our offerings is right for you. Find the fiber near you. »

I’m experiencing some trouble with my phone line. Who do I call?

Ghostbusters! Kidding. We’re great listeners. Call us to explain the problem, and together we’ll find a solution to your service issues.

In what areas are you planning to expand your service?

The whole world—one day. We’re always working towards expanding our network, but if you are curious about a specific area, give us a ring 207.GWI.2000.

Can I get a fiber optic connection?

It’s very possible! We are always adding more areas to our fiber network. Please call us or check out if you qualify for fiber here. Find the fiber near you. »

I normally use an email platform for sending and receiving emails. Why can’t I see any of my emails when I log into my GWI Webmail?

Don’t panic, that’s normal. By default, POP3 services download email directly from the server to the device. This removes the email from the server. Not what you want? Check the box that says “Leave a copy of mail on the server.” Alternatively, you can set up your devices to use IMAP, which mirrors your mail everywhere.

Should my speed be slower on my wifi than it is on my desktop that’s connected via an Ethernet cable?

We’ll give it to you straight: Internet service has a chance to be degraded over a wireless signal. Wired connections are a more dedicated way to deliver the service at the speed you might be expecting.

I need help resetting my password(s).

If you know your current password, log into the Webmail Portal and complete these steps:
1. In the Settings window, click Password.
2. Type your current password in the Current password field.
3. Type your new password in the New Password field.
4. Re-type your new password in the New Password (again) field.
5. Click Save.

If you don’t know your current password, please call our support team.

If you know your PIN, log into your voicemail
1. Access the main menu via the * button your phone.
2. Press 4 to change settings.
3. Press 3 for security options.
4. Press 1 to change your PIN.

If you have phone portal access, you can reset your PIN online at here for residential customers and here for commercial customers.
1. Click on the Settings button.
2. Click on Account in the sub-menu.
3. Use the Change link next to Voicemail PIN.

Otherwise, please call Support at 1-866-494-2020 and our team will help you with your request.

If you know your current password:
1. Login into your account
a. Residential customers
b. Commercial customers
2. Click on the Settings button
3. Click on Account in the sub menu
4. Use the Change link next to account password

Do I need to pay GWI through your technician while they’re at my home?

Customer satisfaction is our first priority. (Really!) Billing is established at the time of your service order, but we don’t process payment until after the install has been completed and the services are confirmed to be working. If you want to change the payment method, please speak with our Billing team by calling 866-494-2020.

You used to have a speed-test available. Where can I find that now?

Our speed-test is located at Speed Test

Settings for mail clients (POP)

Server: incoming.gwi.net
Username: username@gwi.net (the domain is *required*)
Port: 110
For POP with SSL enabled, use Port: 995

Settings for mail clients (IMAP)

Server: incoming.gwi.net
Username: username@gwi.net (the domain is *required*)
Port: 143
For IMAP with SSL enabled, use Port: 993

Settings for mail clients (SMTP)

Server: outgoing.gwi.net
SMTP Authentication is *required*
Username: username@gwi.net (the domain is *required*)
Port: 587 or 8025
Note: Allows sending mail from other networks if they don't block the connection.
For SMTP with SSL enabled, use Port: 465