Spotlight Tech in Maine: Orono Spectral Solutions

It’s not uncommon for companies to spin off of big research universities like MIT and Stanford, but did you know this happens here in Maine, too? Orono Spectral Solutions is a biosciences innovator that grew out of the labs at University of Maine Orono.

The company produces a chemical testing device and method that is now being used around the world. Initially intended for use detecting explosives and other “warfare chemicals” by the US Department of Defense, OSS recently pivoted to address a much larger market in the agricultural sector. Its products are now being sold principally to manufacturers of anhydrous ammonia, which is often used by large farms as a fertilizer. Why? During transport, even very small amounts of water in the ammonia can lead to explosions.

Orono Spectral Solutions’ products make detecting that water, and certain other chemicals in other applications, easier and more accurate. As a result, departments of transportation around the world are beginning to send business their way—and a lot of it. According to the Bangor Daily news, OSS is positioned to tap into a $1 billion market.

Another innovator bringing advanced technology and jobs home to the great state of Maine!