Spotlight Tech in Maine: O’Brien Medical

To say that diabetes is a big problem in the US is a major understatement. The disease is debilitating for so many Americans, and a diagnosis can set off a progressive deterioration of quality of life that is truly unfortunate.

“Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy” is one of the many concerns that affects patients. DPN is essentially nerve damage caused by chronically high blood sugar and is most common in the feet. It’s a progressive condition, the development of which is hard to assess.

That’s why Orono-based medical device O’Brien Medical’s recent innovation—a digital tuning fork—is so critical. It allows doctors to assess a patient’s neuropathy with an unprecedented degree of precision.

The ETF 128 is hardly O’Brien Medical’s first major device to hit the market. In fact, the company and its founder, Dr. Todd O’Brien, a practicing podiatrist, have five other products and patents.

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