Spotlight Tech in Maine: Mega Industries

In the grand scheme of things, we tend to place rocket scientist at the top of the intelligence pyramid. Some how it just happened like that—computer programmer-smart or surgeon-smart just don’t have the same ring.

Well, for this week’s Spotlight Tech in Maine post, we’d like to propose an alternative: Particle accelerator part manufacturer-smart. If you’re wondering what, exactly, that means, take a short trip with us to Gorham’s Mega Industries.

The company manufactures high-powered microwave transmission equipment for commercial and research purposes. We’re not talking about “nuke your TV dinner” microwave here—instead think CERN Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland or the Stanford Linear Particle Accelerator in California. Both are places where some of the most cutting-edge physics research in the world is happening, a la smashing particle beams into each other at roughly the speed of light.

It’s pretty cool stuff that requires equipment manufactured with a degree of precision that’s hard to find anywhere. It just so happens we’ve got that kind of expertise in spades here in Maine.