Spotlight Tech in Maine: GO Lab.

Not every architecture firm has someone with a PhD in chemistry on staff. But that’s not the only way that GO Lab, an off-shoot of the Belfast-based architecture firm GO Logic, stands out.

Technically, GO Lab is a research and design firm specializing in developing innovative, wood-based products for use in high-performance building applications. That sentence is a bit of a mouthful, but here’s the gist: this crew of architects and builders (and a chemist!) is working to find ways to revitalize Maine’s forest economy by making building products out of trees. And we’re not talking your usual 2x4s.

Instead, they have a patented super-insulated foundation system and are in development on a Low-Density Fiberboard Insulation product. LDF is already a common alternative to petroleum-based insulation in Europe, but the economics of shipping it overseas to the US are not practical. Enter GO Lab, which aims to use Maine’s existing forest product infrastructure and industrial capacity to make the insulation right here at home.

Look for big things from this crew in Belfast doing great things with our state’s renewable resources!