Spotlight Tech in Maine: CompoTech

One of the many benefits of having a strong state university system with robust research and development programs is the steady stream of innovative companies that result. In the past we’ve spotlighted companies like Windham’s Parent Technology Group, which emerged from a collaboration with the University of Southern Maine.

Today we’re talking about CompoTech in Brewer. Founded in 2011, the company began as a part-time venture started by an employee of University of Maine’s Advanced Structures and Composites Center. Just a few years later, CompoTech is a very full-time endeavor. The company manufactures military-grade ballistic protection equipment—bullet and blast-proof materials for the armed forces. Their products take several forms, but perhaps most notably CompoTech produces modular sheets that can be applied to structures almost anywhere, including tents out in the field. The result is better protection for soldiers, especially during their down hours when they’re less likely to wear helmets and body armor.

CompoTech has also expanded into building-scale solutions—blast-proof panels that can be integrated into the interior and exterior of apartment and office buildings. Very exciting stuff! With 10 employees, the company now occupies 8,000 square feet of space in the 126,000-square-foot former home of international auto parts manufacturer ZF Lemforder, which closed in 2010.