Spotlight Tech in Maine: CLYNK

Odds are, in recent years you may have made a subtle shift in the way you recycle cans and bottles. It might have started with some bright green trash bags with yellow ties and a little bar code key fob. At the very least, you’ve probably noticed the CLYNK kiosks popping up at Hannafords across the state.

If that sounds familiar, it turns out that you have been privy to a major technological innovation. This South Portland-based company harnesses a whole lot of technology to make it easier for you to return your redeemables. Making it so you don’t have to wait in line at the redemption center anymore is actually pretty complicated, as is crediting your account for what you’ve returned.

The good news is that it’s all been worth it! CLYNK is doing great and now employs 50 people! And you get use the funds from your cans yourself or you can donate them to nonprofits around the state! As if that isn’t cool enough, CLYNK also has some pretty neat data on the benefits of the program. For instance, in one day, CLYNK can save the emissions equivalent of driving a car around the world 1.77 times. In a day, CLYNK also saves enough energy to power 12 homes for a full 24-hours.

CLYNK’s platform is so revolutionary that it’s now being utilized well-outside the state of Maine’s borders in New York, Iowa, Oregon and New Brunswick, Canada.

For more information or to sign up, visit: