Spotlight Tech in Maine: Amalgam Skis

Skiing in Maine is kind of a big deal, but did you know that ski manufacturing is getting to be, too? That’s thanks to Freeport-based Amalgam skis, who blend state-of-the-art technology with traditional materials to produce a world-class product. Specifically, the company uses locally-sourced hardwoods in all of its ski cores and completes the production process with a number of meticulous manual processes.

Amalgam is the brainchild of husband and wife team Philip and Amy Taisy. Philip is an engineer by trade, with a background in (what else) lobstering. Amy is an ex-ski racer who competed on the international circuit before returning home to Maine. She handles marketing and customer for Amalgam while maintaining a full-time job as a physician assistant. That’s the kind of grit and determination that all Mainers can appreciate—and the mark of a true passion project.

As any East Coast skier knows, the local conditions can range from perfect champagne powder to boilerplate ice to rainy slush and everything in between. That means Amalgam’s skis have to be built to handle it all—a tall order, to be sure. But who better to step to that task that a couple who grew up here and still, according to their website, get up to the mountains with some jealousy-inducing frequency?

For more information, include dates of on-snow demos where you can strap on a pair of Amalgams, visit their website: