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Connecting Maine Communities to Create Opportunities

We believe the key to a more economically vibrant future starts with purposefully building municipal fiber networks that are designed around your individual community goals. Below are some examples of our current partnerships that we’re proud to share. Curious about what’s possible in your neck of the woods?

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"The ultra-modern network will make Islesboro one of the best-connected towns in the United States."

Page Clason, Islesboro Broadband Team


In the winter of 2016, GWI was awarded operator status following a rigorous RFP process set forth by the Town of Islesboro. The project will make universal gigabit level service available for the roughly 840 premises on the island. Capital for the project was provided by the town through their bonding of $3.8 million in 2016. GWI is responsible for the design of the connection architecture, the PoP and overall review and acceptance testing of all of the design.

"The partnership between GWI and the City of South Portland has taken our connectivity to a new level."

Chris Dumais, It Director For South Portland

South Portland

In the City of South Portland, the fourth largest city in Maine, GWI engineered and built 9.75 miles of open-access dark fiber, passing 680 homes in four phases and offering a mixed-use network with symmetric gigabit offerings. In South Portland, the fiber is owned by GWI, along with the city and Southern Maine Community College. The city also receives a percentage of the connection revenue generated from sales by GWI on the route portion of the network leased by the city. This project is a public-private milestone for South Portland’s business and residential customers, offering world-class service for upload and download speeds while saving the city thousands of dollars per month in operational costs. South Portland’s willingness to think like an entrepreneur and lease the system sets the city apart, giving it a crucial advantage in attracting and retaining businesses that need to move large amounts of data. In keeping with GWI’s open-access philosophy, the network, although owned by GWI, allows other Internet providers to have fair access to the fiber, a condition that both the city and GWI view as an important feature to promote competition.

"Broadband of the right design is the great equalizer in a globally competitive environment and Sanford is building it now for its future."

Steve Buck, City Manager Of Sanford


The City of Sanford put out an RFP in 2015 seeking responses for the construction and operation of a 32-mile FTTx (fiber to the home) network. The city’s primary goal for the network was to connect community anchor institutions and municipal buildings with ultra high-speed Internet. GWI won the operational side of the RFP and is currently working with the city to move the project forward.

"Having a public-private partnership with GWI will assist Ellsworth to compete in a global economy."

Micky Sumpter, Economic Development Director


In a public-private partnership, GWI is assisting the City of Ellsworth in the city’s goal to compete in a global economy in which high-capacity communications networks are playing an increasingly significant role. The city built a 3-mile fiber network connecting its new business incubator, City Hall and the city’s primary business district. The fiber network is part of a visionary economic development strategy to bring higher-paying employers to the region. The partnership with GWI focuses on economic growth, the creation and retention of jobs, workforce development, entrepreneurship and the quality of life in the Ellsworth region. The network is intended to stimulate competition among Internet providers and provide an attractive asset for businesses that are considering locating in Ellsworth, as well as existing businesses that need high-capacity connectivity. While intended primarily for business enterprise service, the network can be expanded with lateral extensions, over time, to additional businesses and residences.