Fiber Survey

GWI (Great Works Internet) is currently working in coordination with your community to introduce very fast, high-speed fiber internet to your community.

GWI’s investment in the infrastructure to support the introduction of this service to your community will be made using our own funds and a loan from the federal government, which we will have to pay back.

In order to apply for this loan, we need to ask a few brief questions about your current internet access. Your completion of the survey below is a necessary first step to us being able to bring very fast, high-speed fiber internet to your town. GWI is making a full-faith effort to be successful with this loan application and we will plan on keeping you and your town informed via social media.

There is no expense to your town to conduct this survey—all costs are borne by GWI. Furthermore, upon survey completion, we will share analysis and results with your community leaders.

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GWI is a 100% Maine-owned internet company founded in 1994. We believe that modern, high speed internet access is vital to the future of our communities, a critical point of connection to economic opportunity and the world at large, and a right of every Maine resident.

About GWI Fiber Internet:

  • Faster than anything currently available in Maine, offering uploads and downloads in excess of 100MBS up to 900MBS
  • Provide a cost-effective alternative to the otherwise very limited internet options available today, with competitive, transparent pricing

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