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I've been known to binge watch an entire Netflix series in one sitting.
What the heck does "streaming" even mean?
Online shopping in my robe with a glass of wine = heaven.
I'm super social—I can't go 10 minutes without checking Instagram.
Definitely not tech savvy—I barely know how to turn the computer on and off!
Quality video chat is a must for this telecommuter. 
Does it count as multitasking when I use my phone, tablet & laptop all at once?
Secure bill pay is no joking matter. 
I'm all about that smart home life.
I say online gaming is my passion... others might call it an obsession. 
As a student, 3 a.m. research sessions are all too common.
Send help, I'm being buried under a mountain of downloadable documents! 

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Looking for just home phone service?

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