Open Access

We believe everyone benefits when companies compete to earn your business.


GWI promotes open access networks because it benefits you, the customer, with increased bandwidth options, competitive pricing, and access to a digital ecosystem.

In recent years, government and business leaders have recognized that legacy telecommunications and cable TV networks will eventually be unable to meet the needs of a broadband Internet consumer with an ever-increasing hunger for bandwidth.

Open access is intended to ensure that funding does not favor one competitor in a marketplace over another and, essentially, requires that the business building the network make it available to its competitors on fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory terms. The ultimate goal of such a network is to ensure a vibrant, competitive marketplace for broadband access in the hope that competition will drive down prices and increase bandwidth for all.

Maine, in particular, stands to benefit from open access as it aids in increased infrastructure and access, meaning that our more rural communities are able to become better connected to the world around them. This creates opportunities for education, healthcare, and careers through digital channels, strengthening communities and their economies.