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What Makes GWI Different?

Posted on by Edward Gaug
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GWI is a local, Maine business that provides residents a variety of telephone and Internet solutions. Our business is dedicated to offering both residential and commercial customers an opportunity to get away from the big-name corporations and start taking control of their telecommunications.

Switching to GWI means switching to friendly, locally owned service. Whether you’re looking for rural service or a better solution to keep your business connected, we offer affordable solutions to fit any need.

The Services We Offer For Businesses

GWI offers several simple and cost-effective options for high-speed Internet, fiber-based Internet, dial-up Internet and telephone services that can be customized to your specific needs.

Our business phone solutions are designed to help a small or mid-sized Maine business use the same level of sophisticated telecommunications that much larger businesses and corporations employ. We offer Automatic Call Distribution services as well as an upgraded private branch exchange, or PBX, system that allows businesses to network their existing phone system without the cost of buying new equipment.

Additionally, GWI knows that as your business grows, your telecommunications needs grow. That’s why we offer scalable business services. You only have to pay for what you need, so maintaining a professional, reliable telephone system is easy and affordable. Our services are local, which means they are reliable, and your business networks can be monitored by us 24/7. We also provide businesses with free, regularly scheduled system upgrades to ensure your system is up-to-date with no extra headache for you.

The Services We Offer For Residents

Because we know our customers are free thinkers who value choice, we have four affordable phone plans and four available Internet speeds that come without long, restrictive contracts. If you need to upgrade or downgrade your service, we are able to help. We have Maine-based tech support available by phone anytime, day or night, so you never have to worry about long wait times or worry about if you’re speaking to someone who understands your issues.

Regardless if you’re in the city or need rural service, we provide telephone services and Internet packages at a variety of speeds and price points to fit with your lifestyle. We offer everything from dial-up connections to ultra-fast, fiber-based Internet. At GWI, we believe in providing the best service and giving our customers the most value for their money, so all of our Internet services come with free virus protection, free spam filtering and access to GWI web-based email.

Quality, affordability and friendly service are the heart of the GWI difference. We know Mainers, which means we know that you want the freedom to choose your own custom telephone and Internet services. GWI firmly believes that you know what services are best for your lifestyle and budget, and we want to provide you with a local alternative to get exactly what you need, when you need it.

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