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Top 10 Hosted PBX Features

Posted on by Trevor Jones

GWI Hosted PBX IP PhoneHosted PBX features set these cloud-based business phone systems apart from traditional phone systems.   These advanced features provide added mobility, call management, and flexibility to your voice communication.   They help you manage vacation and sick time, respond to disasters and make changes to your setup faster and easier than was possible in the past.  Most importantly, a Hosted PBX gives you access to these features without the up-front costs of traditional phone systems.

Below, we offer 10 of the most compelling features and benefits that apply to most Hosted PBX systems on the market today:

  1. Find-Me, Follow-Me – Find-me, follow-me is one of the sexier hosted PBX features, but it falls low on our list because its usefulness is limited to workers who are regularly away from the office and need to receive calls.  Find-me, follow-me allows employees to set their phone to ring other numbers (such as a cell phone) when they are away from their desk. Your business doesn’t have to publish and maintain an ever-changing list of phone numbers, and employee’s personal cell phone numbers don’t get sent to customers.
  2. Unified Messaging – These days, we take voice mail for granted, but not so long ago it was an expensive extra for phone systems. Not only that, your Hosted PBX voice mail is much more than just another voice mail system, though.  You can get your messages from your phone, on your PC, on another PC using the web portal, or even as a simple .wav file in your email inbox.  All these options make it easier to check, save, delete and forward messages with simple point and click control.
  3. Pay-as-you go – When it comes to scalability, there’s nothing like a Hosted PBX.  You pay only for the phones you need and add them one at a time.  With traditional systems, interfaces and licenses have to be bought in blocks of 8 or more at one time.
  4. Monitored Extensions/Busy Lamp – You want to transfer a call.Is the recipient busy or available? Perhaps you need to speak to a coworker, but not their voice mail.  Are they on the phone.  With monitored extension you know when coworkers are unavailable due to active calls or their phones are in Do-Not-Disturb status, eliminating guesswork. With this Hosted PBX feature, you can monitor key extensions not just in your building, but throughout your organization with ease.
  5. Direct Inward Dialing (DID) – With DID, every phone in your business has its own dedicated phone number, enabling repeat callers such as your key vendors and customers to call directly to the person they need.  This saves your customers time and as our customer P&C insurance found out, it reduces the call volume going through the front desk, giving you back valuable administrative time.
  6. Extension Dialing – The extension to extension dialing capabilities of a Hosted PBX is a key functionality.  It’s one of the key features that makes the Hosted PBX a business phone system and not just a VoIP phone line.Simply put, extension dialing lets you call other employees with a 3 or 4 digit extension, without the need for full phone numbers.
  7. Disaster Recovery – This is not so much a feature as it is an inherent benefit of the service.If your primary place of business is impacted by a fire, flood, or major service outage, you can just pick your phone up and move it to a new location.  It’ll work on any broadband connection just as if you were in the office.  Even better, if the disaster prevents completely knocks out your office and destroys your phones, you’ll voice mail still works and you can still forward calls to your cell phone.  This Hosted PBX feature can definitely make disaster recovery planning easier.
  8. User-Friendly Phone Customization –  When employees want to change what the buttons on their phone do, there’s no need to call IT, or worse an outside vendor and pay hundreds of dollars.  With Hosted PBX’s phone configurator, these changes are fast and easy. Just point and click.
  9. Auto Attendant – Even if you have a full time receptionist who answers your calls, there are times when you can’t answer every call economically in person.  An auto-attendant can answer calls, direct them to the appropriate extensions and take messages, so you never miss an important call because it came in after closing or someone was out.
  10. Web Portal – Most Hosted PBX systems include a web portal that let you turn features on and off, manage messages and configure your phone from any web browser.These systems can even allow you to manage your entire system from your desktop, changing things like operating hours, workstation names and more.It gives you easy control over your calls and messages.


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