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Three Ring Binder Ribbon Cutting

Posted on by Colin Haley

On October 8th, 2010, at Mid Coast Hospital in Brunswick, Maine Fiber Company marked the completion of the first segment of a new high-speed fiber network known as the Three Ring Binder.  The 3RB is an 1,1000 mile fiber network that is being built in the most rural areas of the state to provide Internet access in regions where no such Internet capability existed.  Maine Fiber Company, the recipient of a $25.4 million stimulus grant, coupled the grant award with an additional $7 million in private funding to build the network throughout the state.   GWI’s own Fletcher Kittredge, as well as the University of Maine’s Jeff Letourneau and our congressional leaders were all instrumental in formulating the award winning grant application.  According to Fletcher, “Everyone involved in developing the Three Ring Binder proposal saw it as a way to expand access to high-speed Internet-yes. . .But far more importantly, we saw it as a critical piece of infrastructure Maine entrepreneurs, universities and communities could use to build a vibrant, nationally recognized economic success story.”

The Three Ring Binder brings the possibility of large economic growth in a state that is struggling to maintain economic stability.  We at GWI are excited about the economic opportunities  that the Three Ring Binder will create and look forward to its completion, scheduled for the end of 2012.  For more information, including media clips about the network and its commencement at Mid Coast hospital, please utilize the links below.

WCSH-6/WLBZ-2, “High-speed internet upgrade begins,” [October 8, 2010 (1:58 min)]

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