24/7 GWI Technical Support: Always on Your Schedule!

At GWI, we are dedicated to providing our members with the best technical support possible. Our Support Team is made up of highly trained technical support people located right here in Maine. You will find them friendly, knowledgeable and experienced in all facets of Internet and Telephone connectivity. And whether you are a beginner just learning the Web or an experienced professional with advanced needs, we have the tools to help you 24/7 – even on weekends!

Support is as easy as click or call

Submit a Technical Support request for non-urgent support issues here. Complete the Technical Support Request form and you will receive a confirmation email with a reference number..

For more information, visit our Policies pages, contact technical support online or call toll free 800-229-2096.

Be Alert for Phishing Scams

As your trusted phone and Internet service provider, GWI urges you to protect your information. It is important to remember that we will never send you an email requesting that you provide us with user names, account numbers, passwords, or other personal information or send an email regarding account deletion or deactivation, or credit/debit card information. We will never call you and ask you to provide us with information we already have available to us such as account numbers, passwords, or other personal information.

If you receive such a communication, GWI encourages you to:

For questionable emails, forward the email to us at for review and then delete the unsolicited email without clicking on links or opening attachments.

For questionable phone calls, advise us of the phone call by calling Customer Service at 1-866-494-2020.

Click here to view samples of phishing emails


System Announcements

Occasionally at GWI, we have system upgrades and issues that could affect your service. We invite you to check back here for the latest details on recent or upcoming system activities and stay current with GWI’s scheduled updates.