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Small Business, Better Broadband

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SmallBizInternet1Whether they describe themselves as cutting edge or mom and pop, small businesses power the engine of our economy. During the holiday season, we join in celebrating the shops, firms and boutiques that bring new choices to the marketplace. Employing more than half of Maine’s private workforce, small businesses are creating three of every five new jobs in the State, according to a U.S. Small Business Administration report. They shake-up larger business models and bring new products and ideas to the public. But our favorite thing about small businesses? They like to take on the big guys and are vested in their local community, just like us. That’s because competition is in their DNA. How do we know? Because small businesses are our customers. High speed broadband is at the heart of small business growth strategy, and competition is a key ingredient in their success. Competitive broadband providers make it affordable for business of any size to complete in the global economy, while creating jobs right here in Maine.

In addition to affordability, small business have chosen GWI for the customer service and innovative technologies we provide. In the Broadband Innovators report, “Broadband Driving Small Business Forward,” shows that small businesses are big IT spenders, investing in technology that will give them a leg up on the competition. Of the $326 billion spent nationally on IT budgets, $293 billion came from small and medium sized businesses. We’re experts in serving small businesses because most competitive broadband carriers are small or medium sized firms ourselves.  To compete with the big telecom companies, we’ve had to innovate. That’s why competitive telecom brought services like VOIP and ultra high speed broadband to market. It’s also the reason we’re providing small business customers, like the startup tech company, with fiber, and the medium sized firm with multiple locations, a customized product, and the tailored service they need.

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