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Six Reasons to Buy Hosted PBX Phone Systems from Local Carriers

Posted on by Trevor Jones


Hoted PBX Phones in Test Lab

This picture shows 25 Hosted PBX Phones set up in a test configuration prior to installation.

Hosted PBX phone systems offer businesses a number of operational benefits, including low up-front costs, easy mobility, and flexible call handling.  Moreover they’re unparalleled in their ability to handle multi-location deployments and telecommuters.  If you’re sold on the benefits of Hosted PBX, the next question is invariably where to buy it from.

There are literally hundreds of Hosted PBX phone system providers out there.  Some of them are little more than online service providers that take your order and ship you phones.  Others are large, nationwide carriers or smaller local carriers.  However, when it comes to service quality, support and getting a Hosted PBX tailored to your needs, nothing beats your local telecommunications carrier.

Here are Six Reasons Local Carriers are the Best Choice for a Hosted PBX

  1. Network Prequalification.  Before you install your Hosted PBX, it’s important to evaluate your local area network for problems that don’t impact your web browsing, but could severely impede VoIP call quality.  Many local carriers provide an on-site network assessment at a low cost, which can later be deducted for your installation fee.  These assessments can save you considerable heartache down the line, and are worth the time and money.
  2. Professional Installation.  One of the most important reasons to choose a Hosted PBX system is to get out of the business of installing and maintaining a phone system. That being the case, why would you order phones from a website and then be left to install them yourself?  What happens if they don’t work?  Who provides training on the systems features and functions?  With local carriers, your Hosted PBX is built and tested in advance, then installed by professional on-site technicians who stick around to help train your staff on the system and its features and work with you to resolve problems.
  3. Customization.  Your business is unique.  You need a solution designed to fit your specific needs, not some cookie-cutter package purchased from a menu. Local carriers have professional sales forces that work with you to understand your needs and build a solution specific to you.  Then, their on-site installation teams can provide further customization once they understand your workflow.
  4. Service and Support.  When you need help resolving a problem or making a change to your Hosted PBX’s configuration, it’s important to be able to call on a knowledgeable support team that knows your specific situation and can help you get back in business fast.  Local carriers have trained staff on call to support you whenever you need help, over the phone and if need be, on site.
  5. Quality of Service.  Many factors can influence the quality of VoIP phone calls including network problems like congestion, packet loss and latency.  These can occur anywhere, on your network or off.  When you purchase your Hosted PBX and your high speed Internet from the same carrier, they can provide end-to-end control over call quality, and you have the ability to hold them accountable for delivering.  This is much harder when the phone and Internet services are provided by different companies, and especially when calls must cross several states just to connect to their base servers.
  6. Convenience.  Your local carrier provides a host of other services including high speed Internet connections, cloud computing, and data center services.  Busy business owners can save a lot of time and money by bundling these services with one local provider. That’s important, because while your communications services are vital, they’re not what pays your bills.


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