Residential Phone and Internet Services in Maine

Wireless Internet Access

GWI offers high speed Internet access via our fixed wireless network throughout Midcoast Maine.  We serve much of the region via 74 wireless Internet towers from Bath to Belfast.

In addition to broad Mainland wireless coverage, we also provide coverage to several islands, including Georgetown, Islesboro, Isle of Springs, Metinic, Metinicus, Monhehan, North Haven, Squirrel Island and Vinalhaven

 Wireless internet towers at sunset.


Wireless Internet Pricing Plans

We offer two Residential wireless Internet service plans, depending upon your location, connectivity needs, and budget.

  • Platinum Wireless Plan – $60.00 per month:  This plan includes our best quality wireless transmitter to ensure that you have the best possible Internet connection and strongest signal.
  • Gold Wireless Plan – $40.00 per month:  Our entry level plan provides basic connectivity using quality wireless networking equipment.

There is a one-time installation fee. The standard external or internal antenna, radio, and broadband router/firewall are owned by GWI.

There is a $100 additional fee for installations on islands except for Islesboro, North Haven, Isle of Springs, Matinicus or Monhegan.

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How Fixed Wireless Internet Works

Our Wireless Internet network provides coverage to any home with a clear line of sight to one of our many wireless Internet towers in the Midcoast region.  When you sign up for service, a technician will come to your home and verify that our wireless Internet signal reaches your home, and give you an estimate of what you can expect for bandwidth.

If you choose to move forward, GWI will install an antenna on the outside of your home in a location that provides the best signal strength.  A transmitter/receiver and wi-fi router will be installed inside your home to provide connectivity to your computers, tablets, smartphones and other Internet enabled devices.

Your actual performance may vary based upon factors including the distance to the tower, topography in your neighborhood, signal, and foliage.