Residential Phone and Internet Services in Maine

GWI Offers You More Ways to Save

At GWI, we are committed to providing you with fast, reliable and affordable phone and Internet service. Our pricing and the following special savings program reflects this commitment with easy ways to save:

Credit/Debit Card and Auto Check Debit Payment Option

Dial-up Internet customers can take advantage of substantial savings every month. Simply have your monthly GWI fee charged directly to your credit or debit* card, or have it automatically debited from your checking account. You’ll save the time and expense of writing and sending us a check each month plus you’ll never have to worry about late payments again!

To learn more about how you can save with our Credit/Debit Card savings, call 866-494-2020 today!

*Note: Your debit card must have either a VISA or MasterCard symbol on it in order to be used for payment of your GWI bill.