Residential Phone and Internet Services in Maine

GWI offers DSL throughout the Quarry Hill Retirement Community Campus in Camden Maine though a special arrangement with the Campus.

Quarry Hill DSL: $34.95 per month

Service includes:

  • Dedicated 24/7 connection for a computer or small network of computers!
  • Increased speed and throughput
  • Contingency/Off-site Dial-up Service
  • Four GWI email addresses
  • 50 Mb of server space
  • Static IP address

Installation Process:

GWI professional installation. GWI staff will come to your residence and install the DSL modem and accessories to get a computer working with the service.

$69.95 Modem and Accessories Package includes:

  • vDSL or ADSL2 modem
  • TrippLite power and phone line surge protector
  • All necessary cables for connecting one computer to the service.

The computer(s) needing DSL service should have an ethernet network jack to connect to the DSL equipment.

Note: All equipment belongs to GWI, and will be repaired or replaced if needed. If service is cancelled, GWI should be notified and equipment returned.

Some installations may require additional items including line filters, ethernet switches, or special routers. These can be supplied at an additional cost. GWI does not install network cards in computers, nor does the company run wiring, do any work on electrical or phone cables, or install wall jacks. Please make sure that you have these items in place and functioning properly before requesting service.

For more details relating to broadband service, please read our Acceptable Use Policy.

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