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At GWI, we believe it’s important that you choose which phone and high speed Internet plans work best.  Using the form below, pick the phone and internet package that works for you – from standalone high speed Internet to broadband with home phone & unlimited calling.

Phone Service (all rates per month) Combo Rate Phone Only(No Internet Service)
Basic: includes phone line, all calls $.05 per minute Learn more » $9.50 $21.95
Standard: free local calls, all other calls $.05 per minute Learn more » $21.00 $32.95
All-Maine: unlimited free in-state calls, $.05 per minute long distance Learn more » $24.95 $35.95
Flat Rate Unlimited: unlimited calls anywhere in the US & Canada Learn more » $33.00 $45.95
Calling Package: voicemail, call forwarding, caller ID & more Learn more » add $5.00 add $5.00
High-Speed Internet Service (all rates per month) Combo Rate Internet Only(No Phone Service)
GWI Broadband: up to 7 Mbps/1 Mbps, +5 Email Addresses, 2 GB storage Learn more » $31.95 $46.95
GWI Broadband Premium: up to 20 Mbps/ 1Mbps, +5 Email Addresses, 2 GB Storage Learn more » $36.95 $49.95

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1 GWI Voice service availability is limited to FairPoint Central Offces where GWI has co-located and installed voice service networking equipment, and where GWI can deliver a voice grade analog signal; otherwise unimpeded by FairPoint’s optical network, extraordinary line lengths (>18,000 feet), remote terminals, load coils, or other devices that may block GWI voice connections.
2 GWI provides a guide for free and easy self-installation. If you prefer having GWI do the installation there is a $50 fee. Self installation is available in single family homes only.
3 The Calling Options Package includes voice mail, call forwarding, remote access to call forwarding, busy call forwarding, delayed call forwarding, call waiting with name, caller ID with name, three-way calling and simultaneous ring.
4 Includes Federal Subscriber Line charge. Taxes & fees from $8.65 (without options) to $11.35 (with options). Tax billed is the Maine Service Provider Tax. Other fees include: Maine School & Library Fund, Maine USF, E911 State/County Charge and Federal USF. For more information on these required taxes and fees, visit the Maine Offce of the Public Advocate website.