Residential Phone and Internet Services in Maine

Dial-Up Internet Service:
Real Maine People, Great Service and No Busy Signals

Just one easy call, and you’re up and running with friendly, Maine-based 24/7 customer support. With GWI Net-Unlimited, our most popular dial-up Internet service, you get:

  • Full unmetered* access to the Internet and the World Wide Web 1
  • Two (2) email addresses/mailboxes 2
  • 56k modem speed capability 3
  • 2GB of space on our server for your email and 40mb for personal web space (Additional space is available) 4
  • SPAM Filtering and Virus Protection Service
  • GWI WebMail to access your email while on the road!
  • Maine based toll-free 24/7 Technical Support
  • Toll-free dial-up access throughout Maine and New Hampshire!
  • Travel Access Service (@ $.09 per minute)

Only $19.95/mo. (with phone service)

Add GWI Dial-up Booster and Increase your speed by up to 5X for only $3.95 more per month!

Real people, great service and no busy signals make GWI the easiest place to surf – and the best dial-up ISP in Maine. It’s the GWI difference! To begin surfing the Web today, click here or call toll free 866-494-2020 now!

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1 Although this account is unmetered (does not limit number of usage hours), it is not an always-on, dedicated account. Maximum session limits per day and/or inactivity time-outs may be used to enforce this.
2 Additional mailboxes available at $4.95 per month per mailbox, or five for $19.80 per month.
3 You can connect to any of our dial-up accounts with a standard 56kbps modem (and older modems).
4 Space from this account may not be used with a Domain Name nor combined with web space included with a VWS. First 2GB of space and 100MB of data transferred are free. Each additional 10MB of space is $10 per month, and each additional MB after the initial 100 is $0.10.