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GWI Provides Access to Netflix Super HD in Maine

Posted on by Trevor Jones

Recently, GWI established a connection to the Netflix Open Connect network, allowing us to provide our customers who enjoy online video streaming with access to Netflix Super HD in Maine. Customers using GWI Broadband and GWI Premium Broadband and connecting at speed of more than 5 megabits per second will qualify automatically for the service. To find out automatically if your connection qualifies for Super HD, visit: If you qualify, your screen should look like this:


Netflix Super HD check success screen.

The green text at the bottom of this screen tells you if your ISP is ready for Netflix Super HD.

About Netflix Super HD

Netflix Super HD offers full 1080P high definition video, also sometimes called “true HD.” 1080P offers true 1920×1080 pixel screen resolution. Most people watching video through their home theater system, Roku or game console will find that this format offers the best picture on screen sizes of 42 inches and larger.

Other forms of high definition video include 1080i, which “interlaces” two 1920×540 images to achieve similar image quality and 720P, which provides 1280×720 pixel screen resolution, and is quite common among broadcast and cable TV channels. The bottom line is that all three provide very high quality images on screen sizes of 32 inches or less, and only a very discerning eye will be able to tell the difference between 1080P and 1080i on screen sizes of less than 42 inches. For more detail on how the formats compare, check out this article from PC Magazine.

About Open Connect

Open Connect is a Netflix proprietary content delivery network that enables an ISP to receive content directly from Netflix, rather than over the ISP’s Internet peering connections or a third party content delivery network. ISP’s are able to connect to the network either by peering with Netflix at one of its data centers, or by adding a Netflix storage appliance to their network.

Benefits of Open Connect to GWI Customers

  • Only ISP’s who are connected to the Open Connect network are able to pass Super HD access to their customers. This allows GWI to provide Netflix Super HD in Maine so our customers can watch full HD movies on their Netflix enabled devices.
  • In addition, GWI customers should see an overall improvement in Netflix streaming performance, because the streaming provider’s content is more closely connected to the GWI network. This avoids slowdowns that could occur as a result of congestion on public Internet connections.
  • Lastly, connecting to Open Connect has enabled GWI to reduce the load on its public Internet connections, reducing costs and freeing up capacity for other customer needs.

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