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Ethernet over Copper & Hosted PBX Help Digital Marketing Firm Grow

Posted on by Trevor Jones

Dream Local Digital is a Rockland-Based digital marketing firm expanding nationwide. The company helps its customers market themselves on line with services like search engine optimization, social media marketing, content marketing, web design and more.

The Situation

Shannon Kinney using her GWI Hosted PBX Phone

Dream Local Digital founder Shannon Kinney using her Hosted PBX phone in her Rockland, Maine office.

Last year, Dream Local Digital Founder and Client Success Officer Shannon Kinney found she needed expanded office space to accommodate her growing business. As part of the move, Shannon and the Dream Local team decided it was time to re-evaluate and upgrade the company’s communications infrastructure, including their business phone system and Internet connections.

  • As a digital marketing agency, Dream Local team members are online all day. Designers and video production staff frequently have to upload large files to the Internet. As a result, their previous connection routinely bogged down, and so it was important for Dream Local to have reliable, expanded bandwidth for both uploading and downloading files.
  • Many members of the Dream Local Digital team work remotely, including team members in other states. It was important for Shannon that she be able to tie all of her team members into a single communications system, so that callers to the Rockland office could reach remote team members seamlessly. It was also very important that Dream Local’s business phone system be scalable, so they could buy only what they needed, and add more as they grow.
  • As a rapidly growing company, Dream Local puts all its resources into providing services to clients, and doesn’t maintain an in-house IT staff to manage communications or IT, so they needed a partner they could trust to help them make the right choices about their communications infrastructure.

Ethernet over Copper improves high speed Internet performance

Shannon’s team met with GWI Account Manager Derek Gagnon. After listening carefully to Dream Local’s requirements, Derek suggested an Ethernet over Copper solution for the Firm’s high speed Internet requirements. The symmetrical Internet connection provided by Ethernet over Copper offered increased upload performance to support the agency’s publishing requirements while simultaneously improving download speed to support Dream Local Digital’s growing team.

Hosted PBX brings an expanding, far-flung team closer together

In addition to upgrading their high speed internet connection, the Dream Local team needed a business phone system that would grow with them. It was vital that this phone system grow economically, provide high-quality voice communication, and be very reliable. In addition, the system needed to facilitate remote team members working from home, the field, and remote offices. Shannon and her team selected a GWI Hosted PBX system and found that it supported all of these requirements and more. Shannon goes so far as to say that her Hosted PBX fulfilled her “entire wish list” for voice communication.

Dream Local finds a “partner for growth”,

Like many rapidly growing small businesses, Dream Local doesn’t have dedicated IT staff. Instead they needed a partner that could help them select the best solutions to their communications challenges based upon their actual needs. In her parting thoughts, Shannon explains how GWI has become a partner in Dream Local Digital’s growth by listening to their needs and coming up with creative solutions to problems.

Watch our entire five-part interview with Shannon Kinney.


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