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In Case You Missed Them – Our 10 Most Read Posts from 2012

Posted on by Trevor Jones
When a disaster strikes your business, will you have a plan to recover?

Disaster planning topped the list of topics for 2012’s most read posts in the GWI Blog.

It’s that time of year when the news media count down the top stories of the year that was, and I couldn’t help jumping on the bandwagon this time around.  Not including this one, we published 75 articles on broadband, cloud computing, public policy and economic development in 2012.  Our 10 most read posts represent an interesting cross-section of those topics, a cross section that was representative enough of our year to tell a story of its own.

Not surprisingly, the posts that resonated most with people connected in some way with stories in the news.  In the year of Hurricane Sandy, it’s fitting that our most read content was on disaster preparedness for business. At the same time, it makes a lot of sense that lighting the Three Ring Binder and starting the process of building a gigabit to the home service, which dominated our year, are prominent themes in our blog.

So, without further adieu, here are the top 10 posts of 2012.  If you missed one, now might be a good time to give it a look, or perhaps re-read a favorite.  Either way thanks for reading!

10.  5 Reasons Small Businesses Should Use a Managed Firewall Service Too often, small businesses get by with firewalls or routers that were designed for home networks, configure them improperly, and do nothing to maintain them. In this post, we shared a few reasons small businesses should consider getting a proper firewall and some help managing it.

9.  What’s a Gigabit and Do I Really Need One to my Home?  On the heels of our announcement about plans to build an all-fiber, gigabit to the home network in Orono and Old Town, we thought it was worthwhile to share just how fast a gigabit per second is and what you can do with it.

8.  Six Reasons Employers are Reluctant to Let Employees Work from Home  What are some of the reasons employers don’t have more people working from home? If you want to work from home, how can you counteract those concerns? In this post, we tried to address a few of those issues.

7. 10 Free Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware Tools for Your Home Computer People with malicious intent are inventing new ways to attack home computers and steal personal information every day. It’s important to keep the software that protects us up-to-date, and with these great free tools money should not be a barrier to staying safe. I got some great help from Jeff Pelletier in our IT department on this one.

6. Which is Best for Your Business: VPN, Metro Ethernet, or MPLS?  There are many ways for businesses to connect multiple offices together.  In this post, we discussed the pros and cons of the three most popular as relates to Maine businesses.

5. 10 Gig Metro Ethernet Network Circles Southern, Western and Central Maine 2012 was the year that the Three Ring Binder was finished and GWI lit the entire 1,100 miles of fiber, providing services to 8 new communities along the way and significantly upgrading our network. In this post, Karl Klapp discussed the 10 gigabit Metro Ethernet network we built to light the southern and central rings of the Three Ring Binder and what that network’s capabilities mean for our customers.

4. Six Strikes and Major ISP’s Will Cut You Off  This summer, several of our customers asked us about the Six Strike plan, a copyright protection measure being implemented by several major U.S. Internet service providers.  We thought more people would want to know about the plan and its implications.  It turns out you did.

3. Oxford County Mental Health Grows With Ethernet over Copper and Hosted PBX  It’s one thing to read about how technology can benefit your business from a carrier like GWI.  It’s something else entirely to hear how a customer’s real-life situation was made better in their own words.  Ron McHugh of Oxford County Mental Health was kind enough to go on camera with me to share his experiences.

2. Non-Profit Achieves Scalable Reliability with Redundant Internet and Cloud  In another well read case study on the benefits of cloud computing and robust connectivity for business, John Linfield shared the experience of the Institute for Financial Literacy with us.

1. Top 8 Components of a Disaster Recovery Plan for Business  With natural disasters in the news this year, it’s not surprising that our most read post of 2012 was on disaster planning for businesses. This post covered everything from data backups to succession planning and was a good primer for managers building a plan for the first time.

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