Business Grade Phone Services – Rock Solid Network

Although Maine businesses are doing more and more online and on their mobile phones, quality landline communication remains mission critical. GWI provides a variety of commercial grade business phone service in Maine including:

  • Local Phone Service
  • Advanced Calling Features
  • IP Centrex
  • Voice Mail
  • Long Distance
  • Toll Free Calling
  • PBX Trunks and ISDN-PRI
  • Hosted PBX

GWI Digital Voice – Your best bet for reliable, cost effective communication.

Get the most out of your broadband connection by using one of our Digital Voice services as your primary telephone connection. The GWI IP network is optimized for providing high quality, high reliability voice services, including:

  • Digital Phone Lines – For most small businesses with multiple phone lines, our Digital Phone Lines will deliver high quality telephone services for less than traditional copper phone or T-1 lines.
  • Digital PRI – If you have a high volume business phone system that you use for Direct Inward Dialing, our Digital PRI will get you connected – often without the need for costly T-1 lines that these systems traditionally use.
  • SIP Trunking – For businesses that have upgraded to an IP phone system, GWI offers VoIP Trunks over our VoIP optimized broadband network.
  • Advanced features – We offer a complete suite of features, including Centrex features and a Voice Mail solution complete with Automated Attendant capabilities.

Dedicated Telephone Lines

For some applications, a dedicated, hard wired phone line is still the best way to go. That’s why GWI offers traditional, copper based voice services as a complement to our Digital Voice services. Your GWI Account Executive will help you understand where to use them, including Fax, Alarm Systems, and Emergency phones.

Hosted PBX: Fully Scalable Communications for Any Size Business

Hosted PBX offers your Maine business the benefits of a state-of-the-art business communications system without the up-front costs and administration of an on-site system. This fully managed solution includes all necessary phones along with seamless support for multiple offices, employees working from home, and mobile employees and is fully scalable to any size business. If you’re looking for a new business phone system, check out Hosted PBX.