Reliable High Speed Small Business Internet Service

At GWI, we understand that your small business Internet service is used for more than just web surfing and email. You use it to run mission critical applications, transmit files to clients and vendors, and complete business transactions every day. Such a mission critical service requires a rock solid, redundant network. The GWI network features redundant, diverse connectivity in state and across the globe via dual Tier 1backbone connections.

Features and Benefits

  • High speed business Internet service in a broad range of bandwidths and technologies
  • Rock solid network, with multi-path connectivity to ensure no single point of failure
  • Quality of Service Managed for GWI Digital Voice Services
  • Included static IP address
  • Maine based 24/7 professional technical support

Optional Features

  • BGP Routing Support
  • Optional Premier Support SLA available on all connection levels

Connectivity Options

While every business needs reliable business Internet service, not everyone has the same bandwidth requirements. GWI uses a variety of technologies to deliver the right bandwidth to your place of business including:

Products Customer Profile Speed Range
Ethernet over Copper Ideal for mid-sized to larger business applications requiring high bandwidth both to and from the Internet, Ethernet over Copper service is a robust, reliable and economical solution that uses advanced DSL technology to deliver symmetrical Internet access. 3 Mbps to 45 Mbps
symmetrical connections
Fast Ethernet or Gigabit Ethernet GWI uses Fiber Optic technology to deliver Ethernet Internet access services that are ideal for high-end applications, including video-conferencing, Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP), and server virtualization applications. 10 Mbps to
1Gbps (1000 Mbps)
Symmetrical Connections