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Broadband Infographic: Broadband and The State of Maine

Posted on by Trevor Jones

Maine has a broadband problem.  It’s been discussed broadly in the local and national media, in events and conferences, and in the Maine State House in Augusta.  Multiple studies have shown that our broadband speeds are at or near the bottom of the pack among states, and are far slower than what is available in many third world countries. This deficiency is alarming given the steadily increasing importance of the Internet for our economy.

Given the ever-increasing demand for bandwidth, which has climbed at 42% per year, year-after-year, it’s time for a new network, built for the purpose of providing broadband.  The core of this network will use fiber optic technology, perhaps incorporating wireless in remote areas where construction costs render fiber construction impractical.  Fiber optic technologies are faster, more reliable, and future-proof. They’ve also been shown to increase home values, reduce the business operating expenses, and create jobs.

Supporters of community broadband have long pointed to its similarity to water, sewer and electric utilities often owned by local communities – similar not just in its use, but also in its value for economic development.  We prepared this broadband infographic to demonstrate some of the leading research around where Maine’s broadband stands in relation to other states, and why it matters to our economy.

Broadband in Maine Infographic

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