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Acceptable Use Policy

GWI, hereafter referred to as GWI, is responsible for securing its network and computing systems to a reasonable and economically feasible degree against unauthorized access and/or abuse, while making them accessible for authorized – and legitimate users. This responsibility includes informing users of expected standards of conduct and the punitive measures for not adhering to them. GWI, in its sole and absolute discretion, may suspend or terminate a user’s access to GWI’s networks and computing systems following such user’s attempt to violate the provisions of this policy, regardless of the success or failure of the attempt.

The users of GWI’s networks and computing systems are responsible for respecting and adhering to local, state, federal and international laws. Any attempt to break those laws through the use of GWI’s network or computing systems may result in prosecution against the offender by the proper authorities. If such an event should occur, GWI will fully comply with the authorities to provide any and all information necessary for the prosecution process. This compliance may include real time logging of customer activities. GWI reserves the right to modify this policy from time to time as it determines, in its sole and absolute discretion, to be necessary.

General Computing Policy

Once a user receives an account to be used to access GWI’s network and computer systems, as well as remote networks and computer systems, they are solely responsible for all actions taken while using that account. The user will, therefore, indemnify, defend, and hold harmless GWI, its shareholders, officers, directors, employees, and agents, for any and all damages or losses, incurred through use of that account. The user will be solely responsible for all indirect, special or punitive damages, resulting from the use of the GWI networks and computing systems. Therefore:

  1. Applying for an account under false pretenses is construed as a violation of the terms of this agreement.
  2. Sharing your account with any other person is prohibited. In the event that you do share your account with another person, you will be solely responsible for the actions of that other person.
  3. Deletion, examination, copying, or modification of files and/or data belonging to other users without their prior consent is prohibited.
  4. Attempts to evade or change resource quotas are prohibited.
  5. Continued impedance of other users through mass consumption of system resources, after receipt of a request to cease such activity, is prohibited.
  6. Any unauthorized and deliberate action which damages or disrupts a computing system, alters it normal performance, or causes it to malfunction is a violation regardless of system location or time duration.
  7. Any other use of an account which is inconsistent with the terms of service associated with such an account type, such terms of service being defined under GWI’s Services Listing.

Electronic Communications Policy

Whenever you send electronic mail, your name and username are included in each mail message. Likewise, use of other services such as news and IRC for electronic communications are attributed to your username. You are responsible, therefore, for all electronic communications originating from your userid. Therefore:

  1. Forgery (or attempted forgery) of electronic mail messages is prohibited.
  2. Attempts to read, delete, copy, or modify the electronic mail of other users is prohibited.

  3. Attempts at sending harassing, obscene and/or other threatening communications to another user via email, posting to a news group or IRC, or transmitting via any other communications service, is prohibited.
  4. Attempts at sending unsolicited junk mail or chain letters is prohibited.

Network Security Policy

As a user of the network, you may be allowed to access other networks (and/or the computer systems attached to those networks). Therefore:

  1. Use of GWI computer systems and / or networks in attempts to gain unauthorized access to remote systems is prohibited.
  2. Use of GWI computer systems and / or networks to connect to other systems in a manner which is intended to interfere with this other system’s normal operation, is prohibited.
  3. Decryption of system or user passwords is prohibited.
  4. The copying of system files is prohibited.
  5. The copying of copyrighted materials, such as third-party software, without the express written permission of the owner or the proper license, is prohibited.
  6. Intentional attempts to “crash” Network systems or programs are construed as violations of the terms this agreement.
  7. Any attempts to secure a higher level of privilege on Network systems are construed as violations of the terms of this agreement
  8. The willful introduction of computer “viruses” or other disruptive / destructive programs into GWI’s computer systems or the use of GWI’s networks and computer systems to promulgate viruses onto external networks is prohibited.

Responsibility For Charges Associated With Use Of Services

It is the user’s sole responsibility to ensure they completely disconnect from the GWI network. Therefore:

  1. Users are responsible for all connect time associated with their account.
  2. Users are liable for all unintended charges which result from failure to disconnect completely from the GWI network. GWI reserves the right, in its sole and absolute discretion, to issue full or partial credit for such incidents.
  3. Users are liable for all charges incurred, whether intended or unintended, while using our Travel Access Service, billable at $.09 per minute. Charges will not be refunded due to a user’s failure to change back from the Travel Access number to a regular local dial-up number.

Interruption Of Service/Liability

The liability of GWI for damages arising out of the provisioning of its Services, including mistakes, interruptions, omission, delays, errors, or other defects, representations, or use of the services or arising out of the failure to furnish the service, whether caused by acts or omission or negligence of the GWI’s employees or agents, shall be limited to the amount the GWI would have charged the user for the service period during which the aforementioned faults occurred. The extension of such allowances for interruption shall be the sole remedy of the user and the sole liability of GWI. GWI will not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential, exemplary, or punitive damages to the user as a result of any GWI service, equipment or facilities, or the acts or omissions or negligence of GWI’s employees or agents.


Signing this form acknowledges that you have read the terms listed above by the GWI and agree to maintain your GWI account in a manner which is considered as acceptable within the guidelines of this Acceptable Use Policy.

Please fill in ALL fields listed below and return by mail to: Great Works Internet, 8 Pomerleau Street, Biddeford, ME 04005. Or fax this completed form to our Sales Department at (866) 494-2020.

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