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Gigabit Main Street - Ultra-High Speed Internet Access to Homes and Businesses in Maine

Since the Internet first became available to consumers and businesses in the early nineties, the telecommunications and cable TV industries have done an admirable job of adapting networks, built for other purposes, to Internet access in order to meet consumer demand - first with Dial-UP, and later with broadband Internet access services, including DSL and cable modem service. These services provide limited bandwidth, especially for uploading files to the Internet, and will very soon be inadequate for most homes and businesses.

It's time for a purpose built ultra-high-speed broadband network

The US has fallen from first to 25th in broadband technology because other countries have used public money to build new, all fiber networks specifically to deliver Internet connectivity to homes and businesses.

A few domestic companies have built fiber to the premise for businesses or even fiber to the home networks. For the most part, these networks have been engineered to deliver only a modest improvement over cable and DSL based broadband Internet services and the companies operating them offer 25megabit services with a significant added cost to get services as fast as 50-135 megabits.

The technology exists for deliver much higher bandwidth over those fiber to the home networks, and the costs are not that much greater.

Coming soon to communities in Maine

GWI will begin constructing the first Gigabit Main Street Networks in Orono and Old Town in cooperation with the University of Maine System and community leaders. This effort is in association with Gig.U, a nationwide effort to build ultra-high-speed in communities surrounding research universities. No public money will be used in the construction of the network.


Business Services via Gigabit Main Street

Communications are a vital part of your company's competitive advantage. Ultra-high speed Internet connectivity via the Gigabit Main Street Network offers your small to mid size business high-end features and reliability that only large enterprises could command in the past, including:

  • Symmetrical connections of up to 10gb/sec.
  • Low latency and jitter for crystal clear HD video and voice connections.
  • Dedicated fiber for each customer for enhanced, connection speed, reliability and security.
  • Enhanced reliability features including fully redundant connections. Full route maps available to insure route diversity.

Carrier Services via Gigabit Main Street

GWI believes competition is good for everyone, and we will be offering full, open access to the Gigabit Main Street network including wholesale LIT services and dark fiber. For more information about GWI carrier services, call us at 866-494-2020.

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Business Customers Include:
  • Bowdoin Medical Group
  • Bowdoin College
  • Bill Dodge Auto Group
  • University of Maine
  • Synernet, Inc.
  • Colby College
  • Bernstein, Shur, Sawyer, & Nelson
  • James W. Sewall Co.
* Partial list of GWI partners. Contact GWI for references for your specific product.