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5 Advantages of a Hosted Phone System

Posted on by Edward Gaug
Cloud-based phone systems let you work anywhere

Cloud based phone systems enabled staff to work from anywhere, like this outdoor “home office.”

Cloud-based solutions are revolutionizing many communication products because they offer a rich array of features with limited overhead costs. Advanced services traditionally available only in a call center, such as automated attendants and conference calls, are made available at affordable prices through hosted phone solutions.
Unlike enterprise systems, hosted phone systems also come with extensive flexibility to enable businesses to modify any aspect of their solution at any time. Businesses often realize significant benefits, therefore, from implementing a hosted phone system.

1. Access the Phone from Anywhere

Today’s business world requires decision makers to work from multiple locations and travel around the world. Hosted phone systems work through IP integration, which means they use the Internet to place and receive calls. Because most homes, businesses, and hotels have Wi-Fi, hosted phone systems simplify connectivity outside the office. IP integration also allows for access through the Internet connection on mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

2. Managed Business Phone System

Ordinary enterprise phone systems often require businesses to bear the cost of full-time IT staff and expensive service packages. A hosted business phone system, in contrast, is managed by the service provider on the client’s behalf. The provider can pool overhead costs across their entire customer base, and, therefore, maintenance and management costs can be significantly reduced. A higher proportion of revenues can also be allocated toward service enhancements, so clients can expect new features and updates on a regular basis.

3. Reliable Service

Availability is critical because even a few minutes of downtime could mean losing a key customer account. Hosted phone systems have high reliability because they operate on the provider’s infrastructure, which is of world-class quality. Furthermore, clients who experience problems can get back online sooner with the help of an experienced team of customer support personnel. Higher reliability can help businesses focus on what they do best, and dependable availability can end constant worry about whether a phone system will function correctly when a key customer places a call.

4. Scalable and Flexible

Many businesses need to responsively expand and contract their infrastructure size as demand rises and falls. Cloud-based phone systems enable businesses to increase or decrease their number of lines through a simple online portal. Straightforward setup features enable businesses to quickly start taking advantage of the full range of features, including unlimited local calling and mobile applications, immediately after adding new lines. The flexibility to build a call center overnight can help many businesses grow while minimizing overhead and risks.

5. Advanced Calling Features

A wide range of advanced calling features are available with hosted phone systems. Clients can place conference calls and ring multiple phones. A suite of useful features is also included to initiate advanced in-call actions, such as call forwarding and sending the caller to voicemail. Clients can manage all of their inbound calls through a simple online portal. The advanced features come in addition to other benefits that include unlimited local calling, call center integration, and customer support.

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